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Our Mission

We are giving HOPE to Pregnant women, children, and people in need around the communities we serve, by motivating and providing charitable interventions. Health for all.

The Vice President of Sierra Leone Visits CHF Hospital in Mile 91

During his visit, the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, expressed his appreciation to the management and staff of the Community Health Foundation Medical Centre in Mile 91 for their good work and dedication. He further commended the passion of the C.E.O and founder of the medical center, Linda Muckson Sesay, for her relentless effort in providing medical services to residents in Mile 91 and the entire country by extension.

The Community Health Foundation has over the years succeeded in providing free medical services to pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children under the age of five; persons in other categories are also provided with the chance to access first-class and affordable medical services in the medical center.

In addition to that, the CEO together with other members of the Foundation has also been giving out medical equipment which is often donated to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in Sierra Leone as a way of supporting other hospitals across the country to be able to deliver quality medical services to residents in different communities and cities.

Another activity the Foundation is also known for is the distribution of free food items to different individuals and households in Sierra Leone and the United States.

Currently, the Community Health Foundation has also embarked on the construction of a three Hundred bed capacity building in mile 91 which according to Linda Muckson Sesay, is to serve as a national health center providing quality and international standard health care to citizens in Sierra Leone and beyond.

According to C.E.O Sesay, the Foundation is able to execute all its activities through the support of donor partners; she further calls on the attention of national and international donors and partners who want to contribute to the foundation’s aim of providing good health care.

Community Health Foundation Inc (CHF) Bi-weekly Food Drive Continues

CHF in partnership with RCC Health Team continues to distribute Food to the community in Lanham Maryland, Prince George’s county. United States of America.

We continue to provide healthy food to families in Prince George’s county. Maryland.

Our Partnership with the Food Bank and other relief organizations has helped strengthen our mission to help our community’s needs.

CHF is committed to helping the people around our community to stay healthy during this pandemic.

The Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit established to promote Healthcare services in the communities it serves.

Community Health Foundation Medical Centre Launched Free healthcare for pregnant women, lactation mothers, and children under age 5 years old.

CHF Medical Center

A Maternal and Child Health Hospital is located at 2 Silicon Hills Mile 91. Tonkolili District, Sierra Leone. We continue to save the lives of our people in Sierra Leone.

Parliament Commends the CEO of CHF for her Good Work in the Health Sector.

On May 31st, 2022, Members of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust, NGOs, and INGOs celebrated a female philanthropist and Proprietress of Community Health Foundation, Madam Linda Mukson Sesay for her good work in the health sector.

The MPs commended Madam Sesay for constructing 30 beds maternal and mental hospital and the ongoing construction of the state-of-the-art hospital in Mile 91, Tonkolili district. She also donated ICU beds and medical supplies to the government of SierraLeone. Speaking to members of the Committee, Madam Linda Mukson Sesay said the Foundation was established in the USA in 2019 and in Sierra Leone in 2020 with the objective to support the health sector in Sierra Leone. She said they have been seeking and bringing donations through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation with free duty waivers. She added that she has been engaging in mental and child health, adding that she has completed the construction of 30 state-of-the-art beds for a clinic for maternal and mental patients. She said she has also provided medical services to over 800 students at the Canadian University of Modern Technology. She disclosed that she has started the construction of 100 beds state-of-the-art hospital, which will reduce the cost for citizens to travel for surgeries overseas. She disclosed that there is no hospital between Masiaka and Mile 91.

In his contribution, Hon. Amadu Kanu lauded the woman for her relentless sacrifice to the people of Sierra Leone. He assured her of Parliament’s support at all times and urged her to continue the good work. Hon. Hassan Sesay said Madam Sesay has shown exemplary love for her country. In his statement, the host MP, Hon. Aaron Koroma said he is proud to see one of his sisters answering the national call. He said the gesture will not only benefit the people of Mile 91 but the citizens of Sierra Leone. He confirmed that the Foundation has donated 400 ICU beds, noting that Madam Linda Sesay deserved to be celebrated. Accompanying the philanthropist, the Director of Donor Coordination, in the Ministry of Health Sanitation, Suliaman P. Musa said the Ministry saw it as an opportunity to accompany Linda, adding that she has done something that most people have not done. He expressed worries over the rate of maternal and mental child health in the country. He thanked Madam Sesay for complimenting the effort of the government in the health sector.

Make A Difference Today

CHF Opens CHF Medical Center in the Tonkolili District

On April 29th, 2022. The Community Health Foundation (CHF) officially opened CHF Medical Center. A maternal and children’s health hospital located at 2 Silicon hills Mile 91, Tonkolili District. Sierra Leone.

This fully operational Hospital has a well-equipped laboratory, an operating theater, a functional pharmacy, and a blood bank unit. Apart from its focus on maternal and children’s healthcare, CHF Medical Center also provides 24 hours quality healthcare services to people of all ages. With a comfortable environment including 24 hours water supply system, 24 hours electricity from a solar power system, and a backup generator.

CHF Medical Center is also proud of having experienced international and local staff.

Community Health Foundation (CHF) is a registered non-profit organization established to promote Healthcare services in the communities it serves.